We are always interested in partnering with affiliates who recommend ExpatTask to their community in their city, wherever it might be. . . On this planet or somewhere else within the galaxy.

Affiliates use ExpatTask for free and benefit from a significant sales commission.

We are only a few to have developed this platform and we would like to share the pie. 

If you manage an expat/tourist-oriented company, club, association, school, church or social media group, we suggest partnering with ExpatTask. Many members of your community have specific needs which, through the help of our innovative platform, can also be satisfied by those who exist within the same community or  another parallel to it.

Communicating a need and responding to it with a solution, as well as strengthening trust within the international community, are the main objectives of ExpatTask.

By regularly inviting members of your community to click on your affiliation link, to sign up/post and bid on tasks, ExpatTask grows in tandem to your own network.

For more information, watch the video for affiliates on the Expatforever YouTube Channel. 

Ready to set your expat sails for this collaborative journey? Contact us at